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Jen is a popular celebrity fitness trainer that has been featured on countless television stations and media outlets, including numerous appearances on “Access Hollywood Live.” She has also been featured in Health Magazine, Oxygen Magazine and Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine.

Jen is an elite personal trainer and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is known for her desire to help others and she continually completes volunteer work, including Goodwill Military Tours to visit the troops and trips to African orphanages and schools. She is a life coach, fitness expert and women’s health expert and is committed to a holistic approach to health through proper nutrition and exercise.

Mark Harari (Left) Vik Nathan (Middle) Jen Widerstrom (Right)

Mark Harari of Pulse Studios (Left) Vik Nathan of ID Life (Middle) Jen Widerstrom of the Biggest Losser (Right)



Darelle founded OohRah Fitness in Crofton,
MD, with a vision to help people live healthier
lifestyles through exercise and proper nutrition. As a Fitness Instructor and vendor, he has served major clients such as the Ritz Carlton, Kaiser Permanente, Marriott and the United Healthcare system.

Darelle served as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the Department of Homeland Security Federal Air Marshal Service and also worked with the U.S. Federal Protective Service. He was also a Fitness Instructor for the Federal Air Marshal Service. Known as an aviation security expert, Darelle has appeared as a guest on numerous television shows including AC360 with Anderson Cooper, CNN Saturday Morning
News and CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello. Darelle is also a former collegiate athlete, former U.S. Marine and Fitness Instructor for the United States Marine Corps.

Darelle Joiner. Personal Trainer, Founder & CEO of OohRah Fitness, Corporate Fitness Expert

Darelle Joiner. Personal Trainer, Founder & CEO of OohRah Fitness, Corporate Fitness Expert



Mark is a personal trainer and owns a successful fitness Studio in the L.A. area. Within a year of opening, his studio was named “Best Fitness Studio in Los Angeles”. Mark has made appearances on Access Hollywood, EXTRA, Entertainment Tonight, E! Entertainment, FOX LA News and KLTA Morning News.

Mark has also been featured in People Magazine, Shape Magazine, Fitness Magazine and OK! Magazine. He is passionate about challenging and encouraging his students and is well respected in the fitness industry amongst celebrities and fitness professionals. He recently launched the PulseTread® app, which has been featured in Shape Magazine, Fitness Magazine and Self Magazine and has over 15,000 downloads in over 120 countries.

Mark Harari Celebrity Personal Trainer & Founder of Pulse Studio (CA).

Mark Harari
Celebrity Personal Trainer & Founder of
Pulse Studio (CA).

Jen, Darelle, and Mark is a sponsor of ID Transformation and support Vik Nathan, wanting you to join Team Vik in creating the Perfect Fit you with ID Nutrition.

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